Two Players, An Empty Room, A Gun, One Way Out...

Nothing Good Can Come Of This

A 1v1 local fighting game that strips combat down to its rawest form. Set in a bare room, players engage in intense fights over possession of a gun and its ammunition.

Fast-Paced, High-Stakes Combat

Brace yourself for quick and violent matches. Every second counts, and a single misstep can drastically change the course of a match.

A gun falls from the ceiling between the two player characters in Nothing Good Can Come Of This

A Fistfight over a Gun

A minimal 2D character holding a gun, standing over the body of their opponent.

Matches kick off with the drop of a gun and a single piece of ammo. Master the art of disarming your opponent and turn the fight in your favor.

Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master

The game's intuitive design means anyone can pick it up in seconds, but mastering it is a different story. It takes skill, strategy, and quick thinking to consistently come out on top.

A minimal 2D character holding a gun, facing a decapitated opponent.

Tournament Mode

A full 32-player single elimination bracket

Compete in Single Elimination or Round Robin brackets, a maximum of 32 players. Whether you're hosting a party or a competitive gaming event, this mode is perfect for testing skills and determining a champion.

Arcade Mode

Comes with additional support for "Paid" and "Free Play" launch options, attract screens, and a simplified UI for use in arcade cabinets.

The Arcade Cabinet

The game's custom arcade machine was built by Mark Kleeb and Michael Consoli with a marquee by Warren Hwang. It can be found at Wonderville in NYC. Nothing Good Can Come Of This is a part of the Arcade Commons collective in New York City.